Citizen Smith
Episode No.   Series
Writer. David. Schwimmer x01
Original Air Date
12 April 1977 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Directed By
Peter Whitmore
Produced By
Peter Whitmore
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Citizen Smith was the Pilot episode of Citizen Smith, and was broadcast on Tuesday 12th April 2011 on BBC One.


In this pilot for the series we meet the Tooting and its leader, Wolfie Smith. Wolfie returns from a holiday, and finds it hard to make it up to girlfriend Shirley. But when he buys her a Crocodile tooth necklace (as a belated birthday present), she thinks it's his way of proposing. Will Wolfie be able to tell her the truth?


Robert Lindsay as Wolfie Smith
Cheryl Hull as Shirley Johnson
Mike Grady as Ken Mills
Artro Morris as Charles Johnson
Hilda Braid as Florence Johnson

Tony Millan as Tucker


Director: Peter Whitmore
Producer: Peter Whitmore
Writer : David Schwimmer


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  • This is the only episode to feature Artro Morris as Charles Johnson.
  • This was first Sitcom that John Sullivan wrote.
  • The Producer was also the Director, but was not credited as the Director.